Common Character Ideas

Character Design Types

Dynamic Character - A dynamic character changes throughout the course of your plot. This change is permanent, usually a realization that helps the character's outlook and makes them a better person. A unique twist on this idea is instead having them change into a bad person, possibly as the result of some tragedy.

Confidante - A confidante is the trusted person, perhaps only trusted by one other, or by everyone. Usually the confidante gives readers the chance to learn about other characters when they talk to the confidante.

Static Character - This character does not change much through your storyline. Often a static character is not your main character, because they are not interesting (usually very little conflict and resolution). Often you only see one or two of this character's personality traits.

Foil - A foil is a contrast to another character, which usually helps reveal the traits of the other character. Your foil could also be quite dynamic, perhaps even changing to become more like the other character.

Round Character - A round character reveals a full set of emotions and personality traits. A round character is most like a real person, as they have many traits which can even be contradictory and change (be dynamic).

Stock Character - A stock character is any of the common character types that are easily recognizable. This could be the dumb jock, the bookworm always in the library, or even the unmotivated businessman are excellent examples. They usually are just in the story as fillers, and are almost never the main focus. It is a bad idea to have a stock character as any of your top two/three important characters, unless you ensure they are very round and dynamic.

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