Game Design Tools

Over the years, designing games has become a more and more specialized process for many systems. Original games were developed an low-level languages with a systematically defined structure common among games, but today's games might be dependent on a number of graphics libraries, test systems, and more depending on the field. For example, developing for the Nintendo Wii might require specialized software that includes Wii libraries for developers. There are still cases where any general programming environment is good as well, though. Many web-based games don't share a common functionality, although there are options such as Sun's 'Project Darkstar', etc.

Most developers' game design tools for big platforms are specialized Integrated Development Environments (IDE). As one example, 'CodeWarrior' offers specialized development version for PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube/DS/Wii, etc.

Most novice game designers, however, start off with tools specialized for computer game development. It's often not easy to start developing games in a language such as C or C++ immediately, and so more specialized design tools help developers build PC games. Examples include RPG Maker, and Game Maker.

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