Introduction to Game Design

So, you're looking for an introduction to designing games? Look no further, but I should start with clarity. There are many different games of game design (video game design, board game design, card game design), and these are generally interesting to a lot of people. Most of the focus here is on video game design, but the tips and information found here can generally be applied to all sorts of game design situations.

Getting started with game design isn't easy, unless you can be dedicated, hard working, creative, and be willing to see your project through. Thousands upon thousands of people would love to make their own games, and many actually get started at the task. Few actually finish a game, especially on their own - and breaking into the field and getting jobs at companies is tough as well.

The first aspect, is how you want to design games. To you want to be a freelance design and make games by yourself? Are you trying to get a job with a game development company? Are you trying to make a game on your own, or start a few games as a portfolio to get a job in game design? Either way, you're still in the right place.

Getting started with game design means that, first, you need to understand all aspects of game design. Once you understand the different roles for individuals in the game design industry, you'll be able to find what role suits you (all of them if you're going at it alone), and I also hope to show you a little about the game design process.

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Roles In Game Design

Game Development Process - Steps

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